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Desert Angle Figurine

  • $ 22.99

With wings folded in a symbolic gesture of love and guardianship, this abstract angel statuette is the perfect subtle display of faith to adorn any home or sacred space. Its warm sandstone-like texture and minimalistic features make it a gorgeous and modern spiritual figurine that represents a variety of moral values. Perfect as a gift for the first communion, confirmation, or any sacred ceremony.

  • The angel measures 4.5x2.38x9.25 inches with hands clasped to the heart in devotion.
  • Made from durable and detailed Polyresin to capture the essence of faith.
  • This angel figurine watches over the home and protects the faithful within. It can be used as elegant home décor or as a spiritual presence on any prayer table.
  • Wipe with a dry/damp cloth or dust lightly to maintain this statue's subtle beauty.
  • Represents love, protection, maternity, humility, and caring making it the perfect gift for both a new or established home and a family.

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