Calorie Figure Trimmer

定價 $816.00


Looking to get in shape without the hassle of going to the gym? This at-home exercise fitness set is the perfect way to workout effectively from the comfort of your own home. Counts your calories while working out to get your body into peak physical condition without having to pay for a gym membership.

  • This figure trimmer weighs 2.0 lbs and measures 11x11x1.25 inches.
  • Made of plastic for durable exercise equipment.
  • Workout from the comfort of your own home with this effective fitness equipment. Easy to use and easy to store, this calorie trimmer will turn your living room, bedroom, or patio into a fully functional gym.
  • To clean your exercise equipment, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Keep track of the calories you’re burning as you’re working out! This digital calorie figure trimmer features sturdy elastic exercise bands with easy grips, a digital calorie counter, and no-slip foot pads to keep you in place.