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Polyester Storage Lattice Gray Rect. 21x13.7x17

Polyester Storage Lattice Gray Rect. 21x13.7x17

$ 33.41 $ 400.92

Get Organized with DII Storage Need a product that is a great go-to for carrying items to-and-fro that has style? DII multi-purpose totes are a great everyday solution for a quick trip to the store, beach, laundry mat, and more. Our lightweight but tough tote has two compartments to separate contents. Keep clean clothes on one side and dirty clothes on the other or after a day at the beach keep wet towels on one side with your dry items on the other. Good for the Budget & Built for Your Lifestyle DII multipurpose totes are created to fit a rigorous lifestyle of being your go-to bag for errands, available in three sizes and three colors, with this bag you have options. Use these as an alternative to plastic shopping bags, store craft supplies that you are continually taking out and putting away, or use as an everyday, go-anywhere tote for those outings when you need to bring beach towels, sunscreen, and lunch. As a college student use the large tote for laundry or hauling book

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